question in as balanced (unbiased) a way as possible. The range of reviews you examine should be wide enough to catch at least one full review cycle, containing newer reviews written and published in the light of older ones and of more-recent primary studies. Speculative proposals and early-stage research should not be cited to imply wide acceptance. Obvious or overt bias in a source is a difficult problem for Wikipedia. Newspapers and magazines may also publish articles about scientific results before those results have been published in a peer-reviewed journal or reproduced by other experimenters. Research papers that describe original experiments are primary sources.

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"Irreproducible experimental results: causes, (mis)interpretations, and consequences". "Believe it or not: how much can we rely on published data on potential drug targets?". 22 For example, clicking on the "Review" tab will help narrow the search to review articles. If material can be supported by either primary or secondary sources the secondary sources should be used. It is normally best to use reviews and meta-analyses where possible. Guidelines by major medical and scientific organizations sometimes clash with one another (for example, the World Health Organization and American Heart Association on salt intake which should be resolved in accordance with WP:weight. The classification scheme includes about 70 types of documents.

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Hallitseva kypsä nainen jättämisestä lähellä haapavesi Assessing reviews may be difficult. Bias edit Bias caused by conflicts of interest is an important issue in medical research. "Developing a virtual community for health sciences library book selection: Doody's Core Titles". 21 22 Another useful grouping of core medical journals is the 2003 Brandon/Hill list, which includes 141 publications selected for a small czech escorts deittiseuraa aikuisille medical library 23 (although this list is no longer maintained, the listed journals are of high quality). The results might in some cases be appropriate for inclusion in an article specifically dedicated to the treatment in question or to the researchers or businesses involved.
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Rub, Squirt, Repeat. Other sources edit Reliable sources must be strong enough to support the claim. Please see Popular press below. "Seeking health information online: does Wikipedia matter?". Medicine is not an exception. In such cases, reliable sources may be difficult to find, while unreliable sources are readily available. If conclusions are worth mentioning (such as large randomized clinical trials with surprising results they should be described appropriately as from a single study: "A large, NIH-funded study published in 2010 found that selenium and Vitamin E supplements, separately. Each engine has quirks, advantages, and disadvantages, and may not return the results that the editor needs unless used carefully. They take into account various aspects such as effect, risks, economic costs, and ethical concerns of a treatment.